Tensions spilled over at the inquest into the death of a Falmouth care assistant, resulting in the police being called.

The inquest in Truro looked into the death of Roger John Irons of Meadowbank Road, who once appeared on the Jeremy Kyle TV show to resolve marital problems with his civil partner Matthew.

In scenes reminiscent of the popular ITV show, which looks at relationship and family issues, two police officers were summoned to City Hall after four people stormed out from the hearing.

This prompted deputy coroner Andrew Cox to warn the assembled family and friends: “It’s quite plain there are some tensions around. I don’t want that to spill over.

“The last thing I want to do is have people arrested and taken away because they can’t control themselves in an inquest, but I will do it.”

Police officers arrived at the end of the inquest, after they were called for assistance by DC Dave Palmer from Falmouth CID, who had attended to give evidence as the investigating officer looking into Mr Irons’ death.

The two officers remained while the witnesses left, monitoring the situation.

The inquest was held following the death of 21-year-old Roger Irons in the early hours of August 2 last year.

He was found hanged from a tree in Chestnut Close, not long after attempting a similar act in Old Hill Crescent where he told his sister Susan, “I can’t take it anymore” before running off.

His death came just hours after celebrating Susan’s 18th birthday at a party at the King Arthur’s Meadery in Budock Water.

The inquest heard that the party had turned sour for Mr Irons following a fight with Matthew, who he had been separated from for a month following almost two years of civil partnership.

Giving evidence, Matthew said they had argued, adding: “Roger hit me in the head. I left the meadery and that was the last time he saw me. When we went out similar things would happen.”

He described his relationship with Mr Irons as “up and down” and said: “One of us always ends up being jealous of the other.”

He added that Mr Irons was usually a “bubbly” person who was always smiling and it was only when he began drinking alcohol that “things seemed to turn sour.”

The inquest heard written medical evidence from Mr Irons’ GP at the Trescobeas Surgery, Dr Carol Clark, who wrote that he had suffered from depression, taking four overdoses since 2004 and also self-harming.

Lisa Irons, Mr Irons’ sister, said that her brother was depressed about homophobic comments that were made to him and also about suffering epilepsy.

Deputy coroner Mr Cox recorded that Mr Irons had killed himself, with the cause of death being hanging.