Children at King Charles Primary School in Falmouth are in for a treat after a new adventure play area was designed and built at one end of their school field.

The school's parent teacher association collaborated with a team from the Eden Project to design the new area according to goals set by the pupils, and over the course of one day installed an array of new playing features, built from timber, tyres, and other materials, and including a new 'gingerbread house' shelter.

Zsofia, a pupil on the school council, said: "It first came about with us having plans for more fun things, and then the Eden Project came and took ideas from children and adults.

"First they asked the children what they like doing and what they like about the field, we were going to keep the things the children like and building onto them."

She said the children put little heart shaped stones around the field, showing which features they liked best, before consulting parents and staff on final ideas.

And she added; "Then the Eden Project came and started building... our parent teacher association helped them, and helped raise money for it to happen."

The school said part of the aim of the new play area is to encourage pupils to assess and take risks in a safe manner, and let them venture out of their comfort zone, as this is felt to be something children are not always able to develop in everyday life, and added it allows them "to develop the characteristics we want for life long learning."