Residents, staff and volunteers at the Abbeyfield house in Falmouth recently launched their Companionship at Christmas campaign with another special Skype call.

Following a successful original call in October, residents at Tresillian House once again linked up with residents in an Abbeyfield-supported living house in South Africa.

Christmas greetings were shared, as were poems and memories and some genuine friendships are being made. Christmas hampers have also been sent to the South African Abbeyfield along with cards, presents and homemade bunting, all made by the residents.

The link of friendship between the two houses actually began when Lyn Orders, Abbeyfield’s senior house manager at Falmouth, and her daughter Elly, visited South Africa this summer. They were raising money for Abbeyfield South Africa by taking part in the Centurion Walk, a 100 mile trek around Robben Island, and visited the home to see what Abbeyfield homes were like in another country.

Lyn and Elly made true friends and Lyn helped host the Skype calls to continue the dialogue between the two houses. Three of the residents at Falmouth now have connections with South Africa and are planning regular catch-ups across the continents.

Lyn said: “It was a real honour to have travelled to South Africa meet the residents of Pelican Park. The residents here in Falmouth have said what an amazing experience this has been for them too, almost as if they have been on the journey with Elly and I.

“They have said they feel a real part of something really special as I do also. We hope that we will continue to have regular Skype calls and that our friendships will grow. We are already planning the next one in as we can’t wait to hear about how they enjoyed the festive hampers we made them.”