Mylor Yacht Club had another runaway success on their hands with their annual pantomime which, in time honoured tradition, was performed to capacity audiences.

This year's production was the Curse of Tutuncarnon and saw the past meet the present. The hilarious panto was written and directed by Roger Taylor and produced by Bernie Bagley and all the profits from the show's run will be shared between Cornwall Blood Bikes and Pants cancer charity.

The story begins in the Egyptian palace of King Tutuncarnon (Tom Kumsang) where the king is trying to commission a mausoleum in preparation for his afterlife. The builder Osmosis (Roger Taylor) arrives to give a quote but finds himself at the centre of Queen Tutuntessie’s (Angela Ellicock) attention. She also has plans, which include ‘bumping’ the king off and ruling Egypt herself.

Moving to present day Mylor, Dyson and Barb Dwyer (Steve Nicholls and Di Taylor) receive a surprise package containing a canopic jar from solicitor Morty Skusting (Simon Fleming). Unfortunately the jar has a curse on it and soon after both their budgie and cat have been killed in accidents.

Enter Dr Lindianna Jones (Bron Freake) an Egyptologist, who recognises the jar and tells them the only way to lift the curse is to return it in person to the Pharaoh’s tomb. She tells them she knows just the people to help fund an expedition to return the jar.

Some time later in a Cairo café Lord and Lady Canavem (David Smith and Rosie Briggs) meet with Lindianna, who introduces them to explorer Reggie Mental (Mark Briggs). He has procured the services of two guides, Ashnet/Abdul (Jakki Foote) and Nepharti/Anoubis (Lyne Fleming), who have an interesting way of giving directions. Dyson and Barb arrive and they all head off to the pyramid accompanied by a rather grumpy waiter (Gordon York).

The action then moves to a board meeting at the Mummification Chambers, where there is some discussion between Neffa Saydie (Sheila Standley) and other mummifiers (Simon Fleming, Anne Ramsden, Stella Jones and Gordon York) as to how to embalm a body and whether or not it should be gender neutral.

Finally the expedition reaches the mausoleum, where Lord Canavem finds some of the king’s artefacts and Reggie is ‘captured’ by the Tutuntessie who drags him into her sarcophagus and seduces him. Meanwhile some of the others have gone to investigate a hidden tunnel. When they return the king emerges from his sarcophagus and is amazed to meet his wife, who tells him that some of his innards have been left at various locations around the world.

Suddenly Lord Canavem bursts onto the scene with a gun saying that he is taking all the treasure for himself and that everyone will be entombed in the mausoleum. At that moment the queen emerges from her sarcophagus, drags Lord Canavem back into it and he is never seen again; meaning everyone is safe and can live happily ever after.