Christmas is over, the rain is setting in and everyone’s off sick.

It’s no surprise then that Monday, January 15 is known as the saddest day of the year, writes George Fortey.

But we here at the Packet want to turn around the so-called “Blue Monday” and bring about a bit of joy back to the streets of Falmouth.

We asked people in Falmouth what exactly makes them happy and what helps them get through this time of year.

Lesley, from Stithians, says that the people of Cornwall make her happy. She said: “Everyone is very friendly which is what I like."

Falmouth Student Eloise says that walking by the beach makes her particularly happy.

“I love the scenery, the fresh air and I like being outside, even when its freezing cold,” she said.

Fellow students Charlotte and Eve both agreed that going out and having a drink with friends was what made them happy. Charlotte also mentioned her dog which is a Labrador-Retriever that always manages to cheer her up.

Kim, who works at Brett’s hairdressers, says that her daughter makes her happy, “I love being at the beach with my little girl."

When at the beach, Kim’s little girl loves riding her Scooter and feeding the ducks.

Alfie and Thomas preferred a more relaxing approach to being happy, “Having time to myself, watching the TV or going for a walk makes me happy,” said Alfie, whereas Thomas said that “light and other people being cheerful", made him happy.

Friends Crystal, Emily and Anastasia also loved spending time on the beach, especially in the summer time. Crystal also said that chocolate with a nice cup of tea makes her always lightens her spirits, whereas Anastasia prefers painting and being with her boyfriend to make her happy.

It was clear to see from everyone that we interviewed that there are plenty of ways to banish those January blues.

Whether it be spending time with friends and family or enjoying the scenery that Cornwall has to offer, we all have something in our lives that makes us happy and it's important to hold on to those things as January rolls on.