Falmouth Packet reader Dave Ferris has sent us some old photos of pupils outside Clare Terrace School in the late 1940s via thepacket.co.uk website and wants help identifying the people in them.

He tells us: "I believe these photos are from Clare Terrace School circa 1946 and 1948. I can only identify a couple of the pupils one of whom is Pam Braddick. Pam and I were married in 1958 and unfortunately Pam died on March 23, 2012 after 54 years [of marriage]. I recognise a number of both male and female pupils but can only name two more with certainty, Valerie Nicholls and June Bowman. I hope you may have some fun identifying the others and I would like to see the results."

If you know who any of the people in the pictures are, post in the comments section below.