Shoppers have reacted with shock this morning to the news that Marks & Spencer in Falmouth is under threat of closure.

Sue Wright from Falmouth has shopped in the store on a regular basis for the last ten years and said the closure would be a great loss.

"That would be a great loss," she said. "I suppose I will have to travel to Truro now. It's been a significant presence in the town for many years.

"I think it is dreadful news. A great loss to the town. It provides a service to the community. It is a great, great pity."

Alwyn Pearson from Porthleven said the closure of the store would probably mean she would come to Falmouth less (see video).

It is one of the main reasons I come, she said.

"I'm rather surprised that it's closing. It's not a large store but it always seems popular. It's one of the main reasons I come into Falmouth is because Marksies is here. I generally treat myself to food in the shopping place."

Lisa Macleod from Mevagissey said it would be a real shame to lose the store and it would mean she would come to Falmouth less often.

Melanie Moon from Falmouth and Teresa Day were concerned that Falmoouth would now become a ghost town.

"It is a shame, it's the only big store in Falmouth," said Melanie. "We come to M&S virtually every week. It will also effect small shops and drive people out of town for clothes like Asda."

Teresa was also concerned about her elderly relatives who she said came here all the time.

"My auntie, who's in her eighties, comes down in a taxi and then they pick her up again. Falmouth's going to become like a ghost town."

M&S first came to Falmouth in 1933 only three years after their flagship London store opened. It was only ten years after the flagship London store opened and for many years was the only branch in Cornwall.

It is rumoured that the reason Falmouth got the M&S store was because on of the senior managers had a holiday home here.

Commenting online Hillybird said: "This store always seems to be busy. The cafe is a regular meeting place for many people. Sad news indeed. This feels like another nail in the coffin for Falmouth Town Centre."

While former Falmouth resident Carl16021 posting from South East Asia said:

"This is sad news indeed. My mother worked on foods for some 15 years starting in 1969 and at the time, the Falmouth M&S was the only store in Cornwall and most people shopped either in M&S or Tesco's.

"Then M&S opened in Truro, Tesco's upped its game selling better quality produce and what with the advent of ASDA then many of the local businesses in Falmouth and Penryn took a real hit."

JuRu33 said: "I wish M&S would reconsider this decision. But I'm not holding my breath! I think that the store in Falmouth has a more pleasant atmosphere than the bigger places in Truro and Hayle. I, too, feel most sorry about the effect this closure may have on other town-centre businesses in Falmouth."

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