FRIDAY added up to an instructive day for pupils at Mabe School when they took part in Number Day raising money for the NSPCC while at the same time putting the core subject of mathematics in the spotlight.

For a donation of £1, children came to school wearing numbers, shapes or patterns. The school wanted to share its day, and its maths learning, with the parents, so they were invited along for the morning.

Children, staff and parents gathered in the hall for a maths assembly, where they shared their feelings about the subject and saw just how much fun it could be. Julia Pearce from Mabe School said: "We thought it was very interesting that, when posed the question 'Did/do you enjoy Maths learning at school?' only 20 per cent of the 40 adults in attendance agreed, whereas over 80 per cent of the children raised their hands!

"Then parents were invited to watch maths in action, from the little ones in the nursery up to our 11-year-olds in class four. Maths sessions were fun, interactive and full of learning.

"Parents commented that their children’s experiences were different from their own. After break time, maths continued in each class whilst Mrs Pearce and Mr Hayes talked to the parents in the hall.

"They shared teaching methods and advice. Parents were given helpful tips on a handout and were reassured that they could come and see us for support at any time.

Parent comments included “It was great to see all the children ready to learn and excited," "It was lovely to see maths so active and the children worked together so well” and “There has been a lot of effort to make sure the parents can help their children with a joined up approach with the school.”

"This positive response and the smiles on the children’s faces made us feel that the day was a success," said Julia. "We will certainly consider holding Number Day on an annual basis. Many thanks to all involved!"