POLICE are hunting a potential serial seagull shooter after a Herring Gull was shot with an air rifle in Falmouth yesterday.

The incident in Wellington Place was the third time a seagull has been shot in that area since December last year. It is not clear how badly injured the other birds were or whether they died.

All species of gull are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. This makes it illegal to intentionally injure or kill any gull or damage or destroy an active nest or its contents.

Every year nesting seagulls cause misery for many homeowners when they nest on roofs to hatch chicks and the protective parents can attack residents or leave a disgusting mess.

This has led to a lot of ill feeling against seagulls from some people.

Posting on Twitter PS Paul Freestone, Cornwall Wildlife Officer based in Falmouth said: "This is the third incident of a Herring Gull being shot in Falmouth. It is illegal and police are investigating."

Anyone with any information should ring 101 quoting crime reference CR/015690/18.