A past Olympian and very likely future Olympian were among the group on the water for Restronguet Sailing Club’s Autumn Series race one, writes Ian Symonds.

Taking place on September 21 tno 24, Restronguet hosted the Noble Marine Musto Skiff National Championships.

Forty Skiffs entered and it is good to note that three were club members. George Cousins managed a notable tenth place, Ollie Lobb and Mason Wordsworth further down the results list. This was a talented group with a past Olympian, a very likely future Olympian and several exemplary members of the Skiff community nationally.

Sunday was dull, as good as lacking wind and with drizzly skies; St Just fading in and out of visibility during the afternoon. So, sadly for the first of the autumn series, the 30 boats that set out had a pretty dreary time of it.

The Turbo fleet with five boats was won on the day by Ollie Lobb in his Skiff. Two Firefly took to the water with Ben Lumby and Liz Evans winning both and therefore the day.

The Lasers saw five entries with Poppy Luxton winning out on handicap; the corrected times are closer so clearly the competition is hotting up.

The Aero fleet and the Europe had a bit more of a ding-dong and Patrick Clarke took both races and the day. George Lenney who often gets a winning mention in his Aero5 appears not to have managed quite so well in the light winds against the larger sail size seven.

One Dart so one winner; Andy Ashton and Emily Duncan. It was fantastic to see the younger Mirror fleet out following their training session in the morning. Four crews took on the full race course and all finished both races. Huw Beverley-Jones and Matilda Ward, now an almost world-famous pairing won both races and the day. It was superb to see them persevere against strong tide, poor wind and the drizzle. They make them tough and unrelenting in darkest Cornwall as it was on Sunday.

The asymmetric fleet was down on numbers, a late holiday (lame excuse), a national event at Grafham Water left just Freya and Jess to battle it out with Rose and Will. Consistency won the day with Freya helming to both wins just a minute or so ahead each time.

Next week is currently promising sun and unusually high temperatures for October, maybe getting to 20C. Unfortunately for the club this sun often feels the wind dropping yet again. We live in hope.