I’ve been impressed with Toyota’s latest generation hybrid setup in other models, so how does it fare in the big SUV?

The answer is rather well.

Indeed, it works just as well in the pretty substantial RAV4 as it does in the Yaris or Corolla that I drove earlier this year.

As noted in testing those cars, the electric motor plays a bigger part than before, often taking the RAV past 40mph and, in the right conditions, it’ll cruise at 50 in EV mode.

That’s a vast improvement over previous models, where you’d be lucky to get to 30mph before the engine kicked in.

In 2019, however, the improvements make for mpg in the 40s on the cruise and – this is where hybrids are a real benefit – higher still in town, where you’ll spend a good proportion of your time running on saintly electric power.

The hybrid RAV is a combination of 2.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor, making for a total output of a not-at-all shabby 215bhp.

And that’s the only option now – diesel is gone.

Top speed is 112mph, while 62mph arrives in a pretty nifty 8.4 seconds.

On-paper mpg is between 48 and 50, while CO2 is a mere 105g/km – which can only be lauded as impressive for a big SUV.

It delivers its power pretty smoothly – again, an improvement on setups of old that were just too revvy.

In general it’s a very comfortable ride and an able cruiser, while of course having a bit of off-road nous about it should you need it.

Visually it’s a striking thing, modern yet rugged. It looks like it’s confident in itself, assured.

Inside is a pleasant place, too, with nice materials and a quality fit and finish.

There’s lots of space in the back and a big old boot.

Tech is in abundance – with features on our tester, which was Design spec (the range runs Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic) including pre-collision warning, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise, trailer sway control, dual-zone air con, parking sensors all round, 18in alloys, a power tailgate and more.

A quarter of a century since it hit the road, this most modern of RAV4s is right up there with the best in the SUV sector.

Prices run from just over £30,485 to £37,490.