Artificial Intelligence has been predicted to take over the south west in 2020.

The big technological trend of the business world this year has included the highly anticipated AI.

A survey conducted throughout the south west by tech companies found that Artificial Intelligence will have the most impact on shaping businesses and their strategies over the coming year.

The results showed an impressive 44.7 per cent response favouring AI, from more than 100 technology businesses.

Chairman and co-founder of Tech South West Toby Parkins said: “It’s really no surprise that artificial intelligence scored so highly. Across the south west and beyond we are seeing great examples of businesses harnessing the power of AI to increase efficiency, boost productivity and ultimately deliver a better service to customers.”

Tech South West has around 1,500 members across the area, including a variety of Artificial Intelligence specialists.

AI has reigned top of the leader board for three years running, followed by trends in automation and cloud software.

The survey investigates how the business landscape is changing in the south west and gives organisations the insight in preparation for new and developing technology.

Marty Reid, Head of Engine Shed in Bristol and Tech South West steering group member, said: “AI can improve productivity across all fields from professional services to manufacturing, as repetitive tasks and the mining of unstructured information can be carried out without the need for human intervention. These capabilities open the door for start-ups and SMEs to play in fields which they couldn’t before.”

This year’s Tech South West Top Ten Tech Barometer (last year’s positions in brackets):

1. Artificial Intelligence (1)

2. Cloud Software (new)

3. Automation (2)

4. Eco Innovations (new)

5. Internet of Things (6)

6. Cyber Security (10)

7. Data (4)

8. Virtual Reality (3)

9. 5G (new)

10. Smart Home (new)

Anthony Peake, CEO of Exeter-based data science and artificial intelligence specialists Agile Datum, said: “It is really interesting to see AI coming out on top. Businesses have been spending far too long dealing with low value, high volume administrative tasks and not focusing enough on productivity and customer engagement.

Falmouth Packet:

“Companies large and small are looking at ways to automate admin, develop new products and improve customer service, and we are seeing AI as a powerful tool to achieve these aims. For a few years now people have said that every business needs to become a digital business. I would go one step further and say that every business will need to become an AI enabled business to thrive, compete and meet customer expectations.”

The trend shows no signs of showing down, with businesses being encouraged to realise the potential of Artificial Intelligence and how it can increase their business efficiency.