Customers of Wiltshire Farm Foods, which is based at the Tregoniggie Industrial Estate in Falmouth can now enjoy a taste of summer put together by eight leading chefs who found their businesses shut due to coronavirus.

They include Masterchef’s quarter-finalist, Jethro Lawrence and Wiltshire Farm Foods, which delivers frozen meals to people's homes, set a target of developing the new range, called Summer Kitchen, and bringing it to market within 49 days.

The company said it wanted to support customers during a difficult period and give chefs who had been impacted help as well.

Wiltshire Farm Foods' head chef, Phil Rimmer, worked closely with them to create a range which would provide ‘something for everyone’, no matter what their taste or budget.

Participating chefs rose to the challenge to create their own signature dishes, comprising eight mains and three desserts, adding seasonal variety to the company’s existing range of 300 meals.

Customers can now choose from these main meals: Peter Vaughan’s slow cooked beef with onions and Dorset ale; Richard Knighting’s slow cooked lamb with minted peas and beans; Elliott Lidstone’s creamy chicken, pearl barley and cauliflower risotto; Jethro Lawrence’s gammon in Somerset cider sauce and Simi Rezai-Ghaseemi’s chickpea and apricot stew.

For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert range offers a classic chocolate and cherry brownie with vanilla cream sauce, a seasonal gooseberry Bakewell tart and date pudding with coconut and date sauce.

James Dudley said: “We are really proud to bring our customers this new range which has been born of an exciting collaboration and represents the best of how – as a nation – we are all pulling together in times of crisis. Food can be a real comfort to many people when times are tough, and we have chosen meals which cater to all tastes.

“We would like to thank our collaborative chefs, who have all been fantastic and we know they enjoyed the experience too.

"In fact, this has potentially changed the way we develop our range, so we can continue to deliver the very best meals and services to our customers across the region, many of whom have been experiencing difficulties in securing supermarket slots during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

For details of the full range available in Cornwall, call 01326 378444 or visit