What is it you want from a truck like this?

No messing about, essentially - off road ability, plenty of grunt, big load space and value for money.

It needs to be rugged, dependable and a work horse.

And this version of Isuzu’s D-Max is aimed to tick all of those boxes.

We drove the Utility double cab and, as the name suggests, this is the no frills, designed-to-do-a-job option.

But, even in this basic form, the D-Max is all of the above and more, because it’s good to drive too.

Falmouth Packet:

There are three cab options – single, extended and double – and you can choose between four-wheel-drive and two-wheel-drive depending on your needs.

You don’t get anything you don’t need with this version, but you do get 1.1 tonnes payload space, as well as various options for covering it and a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes.

Falmouth Packet:

And, as we alluded to earlier, it’s a nice drive.

The diesel engine is a little slow to pick up for a second at first, but then plenty of power kicks in to make for a pokey, lively drive for the most part.

It feels like it could get you out of any sticky spot – the steering is very good lock-to-lock.

It cruises very happily at motorway speed too and feels pretty refined for a truck, it’s not overly noisy or bumpy.

Falmouth Packet:

In terms of tackling the rough stuff you get hill start and hill descent control and can toggle between 4wd and 2wd where available.

The power comes from a 1.9 diesel with 164ps and claimed mpg is around 40 – we managed a decent low 30s in the real world.

Our double cab meant that inside there was the same sort of space as a family hatchback, with five seats, and as mentioned it’s no frills, with a basic stereo (which does have Bluetooth), basic air con, electric windows and two 12v power outlets.

Falmouth Packet:

For those looking for more bells and buttons the range is now extensive, with much fancier versions on offer.

But if dependable work horse plus family car levels of comfort are the combination you’re after, the D-Max Utility double cab won’t let you down.

Prices start from £17,414 plus VAT.