The committee behind the planned redevelopment of Porthleven's famous clock tower are waiting to hear if they will be awarded £20,700 to take the project forward.

The Bickford Smith Institute, which is home to the town council and the port snooker club, is in urgent need of repairs and the public has been asked about the building should be redeveloped at the same time, for a potential alternative use in the future.

Updating the town council on the current situation last week, mayor Andrew Wallis said a grant bid had now been submitted to the Resilient Heritage Lottery Fund and if successful, the money would be added to funds secured from Cornwall Council and spent on commissioning professional assessments.

"With these results we will be in a better position to provide a second consultation and ascertain future uses of the Bickford Smith Institute," he said, adding that it would also put the committee in a "good position" to attract the larger amounts of funding that will be needed to carry out the work, to preserve the building for future generations.

Mr Wallis added: "I have to stress, no decision has been made on the future of the Bickford Smith Institute and we are looking at all areas for future use."

He also said a number of professionals had also donated their time and services, which if costed would probably amount to around £20,000 in match funding.

"It just proves, when people feel passionate about something they will come forward," he said.

Mr Wallis also said that the working party had discussed a proposal for the building from Trevor Osborne and his Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company, which members had decided to refuse at this time.

He said: "The working party believes the Bickford Smith Institute should have a multi use, backed up by a previous public consultation. The vision in Mr Osborne's proposal would limit the activities of the Bickford Smith Institute."

This decision was agreed with unanimously by the town council, with member Alan Jorgensen saying: "I think the working party's view is excellent and reflects the rich and diverse community that we serve."