Forget Puss in Boots, it was a case of puss in books when one cat found himself miles from his Porthleven home and pawing the corridors of Truro College.

Quite how Zuzu the Bengal cat managed to travel the 20-odd miles from his home to the college at Threemilestone remains a mystery at this time.

Clearly he is a moggy with c-attitude however, as not long after being discovered by a member of staff Zuzu was munching on fish provided by the college’s own fine-dining restaurant Spires, in a room of his own.

Having been treated like the cat who got the cream, Zuzu was then happily reunited with his owner, who revealed that the flighty feline had been missing for three days.

Recalling the moment Zuzu first made his appearance, a spokesperson for Truro College: “Concerned he might be lost, one of the members of staff managed to get him inside before calling the number on his collar.

“Soon after, Zuzu was reunited with his owner but not before making a lasting impression on the staff of the college, who were going to miss the pawesome cat hugely.

“Seeing Zuzu reunited with his owner gave the story a truly happy ending.”

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