Questions have been asked about why emergency services allegedly took 40 minutes to arrive after an elderly man was knocked down in Helston town centre this lunchtime.

Eyewitnesses have claimed there was a collision between the man, who walked with a stick, and a car reversing into a parking bay on Coinagehall Street just before noon today. 

An air ambulance subsequently landed on the bowling green. However, it is understood the man was stretchered onto a waiting land ambulance; his condition is not known at this time. Four police cars eventually ended up on the scene.

However, according to onlookers there was a long gap between 999 calls being made and emergency services arriving.

Wendy Radford, whose business Anytime Booking overlooks the street, said: "It took 40 minutes until the police arrive. The air ambulance was five minutes after that and the ambulance has just turned up [about 12.50pm]. They're only now lifting him in."

She said her colleague had witnessed the collision and the man had "gone flying" before hitting his head on the road.

Ms Radford has called for a pedestrian crossing to be installed in Coinagehall Street, saying after the traffic lights at the very top of the street there was nowhere for people to cross.

"There's no safe zone. At the bottom end of the town you have really got to fend for yourself. When you have got this like the post office and the banks, all these necessary things that people need, the only way you can cross the road is hope for the best," she added.

The police and air ambulance have been contacted for a statement.