Two firefighters who risked their own safety to help save the lives of others in Coverack's devastating flash flooding earlier this year year have been recognised for their bravery.

St Keverne Fire Station crew manager Steven Hiorns and firefighter Keith Pascoe were presented with chief fire officer's commendations for the rescues they carried out back in July, when a major incident was declared in the village.

Floodwater tore up roads, damaged 50 homes and left people having to be rescued from their houses by firefighters and the search and rescue helicopter.

Among the first on the scene were Mr Hiorns and Mr Pascoe, who almost undoubtedly saved the life of one resident.

Checking on properties, it became clear that Anna Bray of Mill House could not be found by her partner.

The pair initially looked through the windows in the main part of the cottage before moving to the lower section of the house, which they could see was now four to five foot underwater.

They then realised Mrs Bray had managed to get to the lower level sun room, prompting the two men to force open the only opening window to that room so it was around ten inches wide.

They instructed Mrs Bray that she needed to climb out, but with the force of the water inside and floating debris around her she was pinned against the window, mean Mr Hiorns and Mr Pascoe had to drag her out.

Recalling the incident in their commendation, they said: "Just as we got her halfway out the single storey sunroom collapsed, forcing Mrs Bray down into the running water on the road, which by this time was at waist height."

The firemen were able to drag her across the road to safety, however, before reuniting her with her partner.

Thanking the two men, she told them: "You two have just saved my life."