The directors of a school on the Lizard Peninsula that is set to close in the New Year said they had reached the decision "with heavy hearts."

It follows the announcement earlier today that St Martin School's 135-year history will come to an end in January.

The Department for Education has agreed to terminate the school’s funding agreement after closure was recommended by the trustees of the Keskowethyans Multi-Academy Trust, which manages the school.

The Board of Trustees said it came to the "reluctant decision" to recommend closure due to a "sustained decrease in the number of children attending." The number on roll at the school has fallen to single figures since the start of the new school year in September.

Chair of the trustees, Pam Miller, said: “Mindful of the long and proud history of the school, it was with heavy hearts that the board reached this decision. However, we are keen to reiterate that our primary concern was for the welfare and education of the pupils.

“We strongly believe that every child is entitled to a broad, dynamic and meaningful curriculum delivered in a holistic environment that enables the whole child to flourish. The very small cohorts at the school in recent years, which showed no sign of growth, have in our view rendered this goal unattainable.

"Learning in such small groups seriously impacts upon the educational experience of the children, and restricts their creative and social interactions.

“We feel real sadness in making this announcement. Our first priority now is to ensure that the children currently at St Martin are well cared for as they move into their new schools.

"We will be speaking to the parents of those affected, and will continue to assist with the transition arrangements in whatever way we can. We will do our utmost to ensure that their children continue to receive a good education to help them achieve the best possible outcomes, whether that is at another of our academy’s schools or an alternative."