Tesco has blamed "significant and ongoing abuse" as the reason behind the removal of its recycling banks.

Customers have been upset to learn that facilities, which have been positioned in a small area off the roundabout, just before the car park entrance, have been taken away and will not be returning - despite the growing campaign against single-use plastic and drive for increased recycling.

A spokesman for Tesco told the Packet: “We have experienced significant and ongoing abuse of the recycling area at our Helston Superstore, with large quantities of non-recycling waste being dumped at the site, including substances that posed a risk to the health of colleagues and customers.

“Our colleagues at the store have worked exceptionally hard for some time to try to keep the recycling area in good order, but as a result of this sustained abuse we believe we had no option other than to close these facilities to the public.

"However, a number of alternative recycling facilities are available in the nearby area.”

Sainsbury's in Helston still has recycling banks for glass, plastic bags and cardboard, with full recycling facilities also available at the Cornwall Council household waste and recycling centre in Gay's Hill.