Motorists have been warned not to drive through floodwater near Mullion today - but that did not stop a few trying and getting stuck.

The road immediately outside the Poldhu Beach car park was flooded for much of the day, following days of heavy rainfall.

Mullion Coastguard described the water as "substantial flooding," adding: "Advice is to find [an] alternative route until it subsides - do not be tempted to drive through."

Not everyone followed this advice though, with a number of motorists attempting it and getting stuck.

Jack Harris, who works at the Poldhu Beach Cafe, said: "I've seen a couple of AA vehicles. One car was totally knackered I think."

He added that although the road was still closed, cars attempting to cross the water later on this afternoon have proved to be more successful, as the water has begun to drain away.

The car park itself, owned by Cornwall Council and the only car park for the beach and surrounding coastal paths, was also submerged underwater.

Falmouth Packet:

  • The car park was also submerged in water

Falmouth Packet: