A section of Mullion Harbour has been closed to the public following a cliff fall, with more "imminent."

The Lizard National Trust is warning people to stay away, writing: "Further falls are imminent, with potentially hundreds of tonnes of rock on the move."

Describing the harbour wall as "another victim of the weather," the trust added that the large rock fall had meant the western breakwater had to be closed off.

"Until we can get the stability of the slope assessed, it is too dangerous to access this part of the harbour," said a spokesperson.

However, one resident of the village contacted the Packet to say that some people were still ignoring the warnings not to go up the steps to the cliff path, by climbing over the metal barrier, despite the dangers.

Recent heavy rainfall has also caused another section of coast path to be closed, near to Sea Acres Holiday Park at Kennack Sands.

The National Trust has said: "Please don't try to use this stretch, it is about to collapse. The crack is getting wider and is very deep."

It posted a photo on Facebook showing the handle of one of its ranger's shovels just about visible, poking out the top of the crack to show its depth.

The National Trust has put a temporary diversion in place between Poltesco and Kennack Sands, taking walkers along the road through Kuggar, and is working with Cormac, the South West Coast Path Association and neighbours to find a more long term solution.