With January a time when many people’s thoughts turn to improving their health and fitness, Saturday provided a chance to see how to do that in Helston.

The Helston Health, Nutrition and Fitness Fair brought together a range of fitness trainers, nutritionists and health experts all under one roof at the Old Cattle Market.

The day was organised by Pip Macmeikan and Becci Gowers, who both run fitness classes in the town.

Pip said: “It’s been really noticeable over the last ten years that there’s a lot of really good quality providers in our area.

“We wanted to organise an event similar to what they do with the farmers’ market and craft fair, to bring people together – especially at this time of year when people have New Year’s resolutions and are thinking about getting fit and healthier, and with the mental health awareness as well.”

The main hall was filled with stands serving ‘clean’ treats and snacks, and experts offering advice on getting fit and losing weight. Free soft tissue massages were provide and Helston Ju-jidsu provided demonstrations of their skills.

There was also the chance for people to try out free 45-minute taster sessions of various forms of exercise, from Zumba and hip hop to sandbells, as well as more relaxing yoga, pilates and feldenkrais, a heightened awareness of movement and posture.