Great excitement gripped Cornwall this morning as the first dustings of snow this winter began to fall.

Although it only settled lightly in many places, this did not prevent delighted screams of joy from children in towns and villages across the Packet area as they walked to school.

Outlying areas saw the most coverage of the white stuff, with people sharing photos from Wendron and Porkellis showing snow-covered lawns and roofs.

Lower-level places such as Rame have also got a good covering, with the snow settling on the untreated ground.

Falmouth Packet:

A snowy, frozen path outside Helston Scout Hut

In the towns, such as Falmouth and Helston, there was less to be seen though as the gritters proved their worth by keeping the roads clear.

And while the odd flake continues to fall, make the most of what's left - rain is expected to arrive this evening, washing away any remains of the snow dream.

Falmouth Packet:

These two wooden reindeers look at home in the snow. Photo: Kathy White

Falmouth Packet:

Snow settles at Mullion Harbour. Photo: Gilly Zella Martin

Falmouth Packet:

Overlooking fields towards Wendron at Trenear from Kelhendra farmhouse. Photo: Gilly Zella Martin

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