Halwin School has said there was "no intent" behind a fire that was reported by officials as being "started deliberately."

Earlier today Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service put out a statement after crews from Falmouth and Helston fire stations were called to the primary school between Porkellis and Carnkie at 11am, following reports of smoke in the building on the first day back after the half term break.

Staff had already evacuated the building of pupils when firefights arrived.

A spokesperson for the fire service said shortly afterwards: "The fire was started deliberately and Devon and Cornwall Police have been informed."

However, executive headteacher Richard Lawrence has now told the Packet that it was an "isolated incident" and there had been no intent to cause any damage.

Mr Lawrence said: "It was an isolated incident affecting one heater and a piece of plastic which gave off smoke, setting the fire alarms off.

"The fire systems worked really effectively with a speedy evacuation.

"We thank the fire service for their response and securing the school for the children to return quickly to their lessons.

"There was no intent on anybody’s part to cause damage and the children really enjoyed seeing the fire engines on their playground."

Firefighters wore breathing equipment while they used a hosereel to put out the fire at the back of the main hall. They then checked the area with a heat seeking camera.