Handbell Ringers of Great Britain (HRGB), an organisation that brings together thousands of handbell ringers from across Britain, will be holding a 50 year commemorative rally at Wendron Parish Church on Saturday, March 24, from 10.30am – and it will be open to all.

There will be a display of handbells and chimes, demonstrations and ‘mini-concerts’ by teams from Cornwall and ‘have-a-go sessions’ suitable for non-music readers. Members of various handbell groups will be in attendance to chat and answer questions.

School groups will be especially welcome, but are asked to let organisers know likely numbers and time of arrival in advance. Handbell sets which are not being rung at the moment can be brought in and advice will be given on their condition and whether they could be brought back into use.

Vicki Ferguson, who is organising the event, said: “Among the earliest teams to register as a member of HRGB was Wendron Parish Church Handbell Ringers - the only team west of Wiltshire to appear on the list of the first 50 teams.

"The team was led by J.C. Wearne of Wendron and we thought it would be a nice gesture to acknowledge Wendron’s place in our history by holding a commemorative rally at St Wendrona Church.”

John Willis from HRGB added: “Handbell ringing is something that people of all ages can try. Many older people who have always wanted to play an instrument are put off by not being able to read music - but with handbells you can play tunes without any prior knowledge or ability.

"Cornwall alone has 13 teams registered with HRGB but we know that there are many others and it is becoming a very popular pastime. If we could meet any ringers from the original Wendron team in March, that would be the ‘icing on the cake.’”