Spring cleaning is something of a yearly chore for many - so imagine having to clean an entire village in a job taking more than four months to complete.

This epic clean is of none other than Flambards' Victorian Village and what is even more astonishing is that it is completed by just one person.

Daiga Grinberga is the woman responsible for the mammoth task, through her role as housekeeper of the historic attraction at the Helston theme-park.

As soon as the park closes for winter she methodically begins to work her way through the entire collection of 60 Victorian shops, cottages and businesses - which includes everything from a butcher's, baker's and sweet shop, to a blacksmith's, fire station and interior of a house.

The work includes everything from cleaning the 277 cakes and buns that were baked especially for the baker’s shop and then preserved in epoxy resin, to dusting the 75 stuffed animals and birds. Much like the Victorian’s before her she also black leads the ranges and brasses all the buttons on the uniforms.

As part of the cleaning process, all the linen on display in the village is also removed, hand-washed, starched and ironed.

However, there is one part of the village that is most definitely not on her cleaning rota.

William White’s chemist shop, with its assortment of medicine bottles, apothecary jars, pill dispensers and mortars and pestles, was discovered in South Petherton, Somerset locked away and forgotten about since 1909 before being re-assembled at Flambards exactly as it was found - dust and all.

"All the dust in there is original, so all I need to do is clean the outside windows of the shop front," said Daiga.