Supermarkets across Cornwall have empty shelves today as shoppers try to restock their cupboards but deliveries of fresh produce are failing to arrive.

Ongoing problems with snow further up the country are preventing deliveries from arriving to Cornish stores, with milk, vegetables and eggs in particular shortage.

Customers in Helston have been bemoaning the situation on social media, with one shopper having to go to four different stores just to complete her shopping list.

Falmouth Packet:

An empty bread aisle in Helston. Photo: Liz Davies

Another shopper wrote: “People are still going nuts and just filling trolleys with whatever they can get their hands on - madness. I only wanted bread and potatoes.”

However, Helston shopper Liz Davies contacted the Packet to say that while the shelves were empty people would manage and some thought should go to the hardworking drivers trying to make deliveries in difficult weather conditions. 

It is a similar picture in stores all over the county, with pictures coming from Truro of shelves wiped clear.