Labour has promised to hand more powers to town halls and reset the relationship between local and national government.

Shadow communities secretary Steve Reed is set to tell Labour’s party conference in Brighton that the trust of the British public can be gained by learning from where the party holds local authorities.

He will promise the “most radical programme of devolution our country has ever seen” if Labour wins the next election.

Mr Reed, who is a former leader of Lambeth Council, will say Labour would give town halls greater control over the investment and infrastructure their area needs, in a bid to boost new jobs.

He will also say that Labour would empower local people to have greater involvement in the design and delivery of public services.

Mr Reed will say: “We will do for communities and local services what we did for the NHS and put them beyond the reach of any future Conservative government by placing so much control in local people’s hands the Conservatives won’t be able to take it away again.

“We must learn from the best of Labour in power locally if we want the British people’s trust to govern nationally.

“Public services work best when local people have a bigger say.

“That’s why Labour will guarantee people a voice and the power to use it in the workplace, in their communities and over the public services they use.”