Shosha Adie, from Truro, has decided to take her love of anthropology and the environment into the real world by volunteering to go to the Amazonian rainforest with Operation Wallacea, a conservation research organisation that relies on student volunteers.

Currently studying anthropology at UCL after completing the International Baccalaureate at Truro College, Shosha had always thought of going to the Amazon to study wildlife as an “insurmountable dream.” Insurmountable or not, Shosha was determined to make this dream a reality after she went to hear a talk by Operation Wallacea.

“I was lured into the talk by cute pictures of monkeys and chameleons,” said Shosha. “But when I listened to the researchers talking in depth about the projects they are undertaking across the world, and how vital they are in the face of climate change, I realised that this was something I really wanted to be part of.”

The month-long expedition will take Shosha to the Peruvian Amazon, where she will be able to live out her dream of working alongside the indigenous communities while tracking the effects of climate change on the animals and plants. “The idea that I could go to Peruvian Amazon, and actively contribute to the conservation with my own two hands is just incredible,” said Shosha, whose interest in indigenous communities and wildlife has been with her since college.

During her IB diploma she studied environmental studies, anthropology and biology, amongst other subjects. Shosha described the IB as an “intense experience” but the help she received from lecturers and members of staff was “invaluable.”

She added: “Without me having taken away these learning experiences from the IB, I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to tackle such a daunting task as heading to the Amazonian rainforest to join a research team, and raising £3,000 at the same time as taking on my second year at UCL.”

Shosha is working hard to raise the money needed to go on the exhibition. Truro and Penwith College was quick to assist by donating £250 to her fundraising efforts.