Truro Community Land Trust (TCLT) in partnership with the Truro BID have developed a survey designed to enable a better understanding of the housing needs and wants for Truro's working community.

The TCLT is a community benefit society run by volunteers who are committed to providing affordable living space in the city. Supported by the BID, the TCLT would like to hear from people who currently work in Truro to find out what factors currently prevent them from living nearer to their place of employment.

Loic Rich, chairman for the TCLT said: “Housing is a complex issue in a developed country such as ours. Being aware of it and discussing it is one thing; doing something about it is another. A community land trust is a simple concept, it is run by the community for the community and for the good of one and all.”

The short survey includes questions surrounding how people travel to work, their types of housing need and what would be considered as the benefits and advantages for people to move to Truro.

The survey which takes less than five minutes to complete can be found at

The results of the survey will help to inform future decisions on planning the way forward for Truro Community Land Trust to identify the extent and need for suitably affordable rental accommodation in the city.