Plans by one of the UK’s largest communications company to site a mobile phone mast just metres from homes and schools, have been slammed as ‘completely ridiculous’.

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Truro Terrye Teverson said the plan by Vodaphone for a 12 metre mast with three antennae just metres from Knoll Park, Truro Rugby Club, local schools and the new Trelander Children’s Centre should not be allowed.

Local residents from Knoll Park, Penair View and Trelander, who have been fighting the proposals, called on Mrs Teverson to step in and support their campaign.

“Having seen where Vodaphone are planning to site this mast I can only say the proposal seem completely ridiculous,” Mrs Teverson said.

“This mast wouldn’t be tucked away out of view. It’s going to be right by the side of the road between Penair School, Truro Rugby Club and the Trelander Children’s Centre – I can’t see why anyone would agree with this plan.”

A planning application by Vodaphone was submitted to Carrick district council in August this year. Planning officers immediately refused the application using delegated powers and Vodaphone have now appealed that decision.

Mrs Teverson circulated last month a letter to all residents urging them to write to the planning inspectorate by this week.