St Michael's Mount is working with Surfers Against Sewage and is well on its way to becoming plastic-free in 2018.

After the nearby town of Marazion was awarded plastic-free status on April 6, establishments at the mount are working to drastically reduce their output of single plastic to pave the way for a more sustainable ecosystem.

Food and Beverage manager, Paris Taylor, said: “Across the mount, we are looking at ways of reducing single use plastics and the long term goal is to get rid of all of single use plastics. As the Food & Beverage Manager I have worked hard over the winter researching and finding ways we can make mindful changes that our customers will be happy with.

"The great thing is that many of our suppliers feel as passionately as we do, Roskilly's in particular are already making changes themselves - the take away ice cream tubs for example are now lined with a plant-based alternative to plastic and their small tub spoons are now degradable.

"Working where we do, the impact of single use plastic is evident in the sugar sachets that blow into the sea and the plastic bottles that are occasionally seen. The Mount staff regularly beach clean but obviously the ideal is to eradicate these items in the first place!”

The islands food establishments are no longer using plastic straws, instead opting for a biodegradable paper alternative; drinks are only served in glass or cans; and takeaway drinks cups and lids are now compostable. Drink stirrers are wooden and all ice cream tubs sold on the mount have a plant-based lining and biodegradable spoons. All bags are now paper with no cellophane, and napkins are made from recycled paper, whilst all organic waste is composted on site.