THE Cornish Pirates have said they were delighted to welcome Joe Watters from Helston to the Mennaye Field last week, writes Phil Westren. 

Also accompanying him were Anna Cullen, a Tutor from Cornwall College at Camborne, and Learning Support Practitioner Keith Yandell.

Anna and Keith are running a two-week summer school for Joe, customising the curriculum to his interests which are sports, history, and politics.

Media officer Phil Westren met the visitors on arrival and showed them around the Pirates clubhouse and grounds, plus he introduced them to members of the coaching staff, several players, and backroom personnel, including CEO Rebecca Thomas.

Falmouth Packet: Joe pictured with with Cornish Pirates CEO Rebecca Thomas (L) and Anna (R)Joe pictured with with Cornish Pirates CEO Rebecca Thomas (L) and Anna (R) (Image: Phil Westren)

Besides being a keen follower of sports such as cricket, football, and rugby teams at Helston, Joe said he enjoys listening to the sports coverage on BBC Radio Cornwall, as especially on this occasion he did watching the Cornish Pirates train.

Following the visit, Anna said: "We were made to feel very welcome and felt a sense of community throughout our visit. It is amazing how many of you have been a part of the Cornish Pirates for decades and made the club part of your lives, even after you stop playing on the field.

"We noticed a strong sense of team spirit when watching the lads training, with everybody putting in their best efforts. The players were very friendly greeting Joe and shaking his hand or giving him high fives!

"The Analysts explained what they do and why their role is important to the team and their improvement on the field, and it was clear that every single person involved with the club, whether they are employed, or a volunteer, is valued as an integral part of the Cornish Pirates and their success."

Falmouth Packet: Joe pictured with coach Alan PaverJoe pictured with coach Alan Paver (Image: Phil Westren)

An appreciative Joe also wrote: "Dear Phil - Thank you for your hospitality and making us feel welcome and for giving us a tour of the club. I enjoyed watching the players train and being introduced to the coaches for the Cornish Pirates, plus I also enjoyed meeting Liz McLean and learning about her role in hospitality at the club and about what goes on during a match day in the hospitality tent.

"Meeting some of the players and having my photo taken with them was a great experience and I also had a great morning learning about the history of the club."

Joe was also presented with a copy ‘Pirates! Pirates!’ book, for which he added:

"Thank you for the book and for the happy surprise felt when I found that it had been signed by Alan and Gavin as the two head coaches of the Cornish Pirates!"