THANK goodness, sun, some wind even if the purists found it shifty and once it turned a ripping tide. 

One happy helm shouted as he went past the committee boat after race two that Race Officer Geoff Taylor had made the very best course possible in the mix of conditions.  Sunday was a Pirates race as well as normal club racing. 

Four Mirrors with pirate flags flying managed four races within the two normal races.  This was an absolutely super day for these young sailors and pretty much made up for several cancellations due to poor weather this summer. 

Falmouth Packet: RS800 and Musto Skiff at war.RS800 and Musto Skiff at war. (Image: Restronguet Sailing Club)

Coach Martin Eagan and RIB helm Matt Ward kept a watchful eye on just those four Mirrors and encouraged or even corrected them if things were going awry.  Honours were almost equal across the four races with results contributing to the Pirates series that finishes next Sunday. 

Crews were: Jane Reeves, Felix Heffernan, Morven Derrick; Matilda Ward and Torin Derrick; Luke and Danny Hales; Jack Green and Will Reeves.

Falmouth Packet: And, in the Laser fleet another close shave at the start.And, in the Laser fleet another close shave at the start. (Image: Restronguet Sailing Club)

In the winds of five to twelve from the east the going was a touch upset by both the St Just valley and the tide.  Two Firefly helms started race one with only Liz Evans finishing both races. 

Four turbos had quite a blast with George Cousins warming up nicely for the Musto Skiff event later this month by winning both.  Helms Ben Lloyd-King in his B14, Peter Knight in his B14, and Mike and Sarah Woodford in the RS800 were in that order in both races. 

Falmouth Packet: Aeros, Europes and Lasers tackling a mark rounding.Aeros, Europes and Lasers tackling a mark rounding. (Image: Restronguet Sailing Club)

Six Lasers fought tooth and nail for honours in that fleet, Poppy, Tony, Rafa, Mark, Oliver, and Jon looked almost inseparable on the water with photos showing that, but, handicap won out and Poppy got the wins in her radial. The usual mix in the medium handicap of Aeros and Europes ended with the usual result.  Tim Law’s Europe first with George Lenney’s Aero5 second.

The asymmetric fleet, the RS200s, had their usual bare-knuckled fight.  There’s not so much love lost between two of the helms as they are brother and sister.  In the second race sister was well ahead until a final decision just short of the line gave Brother the win. 

Falmouth Packet: The amazing Pirate fleetThe amazing Pirate fleet (Image: Restronguet Sailing Club)

The air was certainly not blue but a level of healthy competition was expressed.  So, Henry Hallam and Ashley Hill got both wins, Rose Hallam and Jessica Patterson second places; Emma Sellwood and Max Phyphers clearly making water up in their new RS200, each week they are threatening.

Please can we have one more decent summer Sunday so the Pirates get their final round of races and as Wednesday night sailing ends this week the one day sailing every Sunday remains in the style of Camelot.