BEN Lumby took his team out to Oyster and in the RIBS in gusty, wet, and potentially worsening weather on Sunday. 

The aim was to get in two sensibly quick races before the wind got too much.  The training in the morning of the Mirrors and RS200s had also reported a two-foot swell in the channel so that was another feature to manage. 

The wind, generally southerly ranged from twelve to gusts of up to twenty-five. Right from the launch sailors struggled a little to leave the beach and several came straight back to shore, unfortunately.

Falmouth Packet: RS200 of Freya and Jess on a very tight turn.RS200 of Freya and Jess on a very tight turn. (Image: Restronguet Sailing Club)

The turbo fleet of three boats saw the slightly larger boats of Peter Knight’s B14 and George Cousin’s Musto Skiff share honours; Kitty and Lily O’Halloran in their 29er were only seconds behind with the third slots.  The asymmetric fleet of all RS200s saw Henry and Ashley dominate, Kyle and Madeline the seconds, Freya and Jess and Milly and Taryn shared the third and fourth places.

A splendidly competitive Laser fleet saw two firsts for Geoff Taylor provisionally sealing the series win for him; the remaining five places were shared across the fleet with Lara and Rafa getting into the points. 

Falmouth Packet: Waszp just on the foilsWaszp just on the foils (Image: Restronguet Sailing Club)

Sophie and Alan Hulbert were the Firefly fleet; Five RS Aeros completed the day, at the moment of reporting there is a minor question over sail sizes in these races; corrected results on the website in due course.  Our valiant and intrepid Mirror group, after morning training, managed one race.  Results for Sunday and the series are online.

The Darts were back in some force adding excitement to the day.  Jeremy and Sabine Underwood took both firsts, second, and third interchanged between Andy Aston with Emily Duncan and Adrian Hassan; Ben and Piran Amos in fourth.

In the conditions to get over twenty boats leaving the beach, even if some retired, is a terrific achievement.  Next Sunday 10 is the final race of this season with separate prizes and if booked a lunch at the club.  Then onto 2024.