FOOTBALLERS have been accused of living in their own bubble at times.

However, a new business established in Helston is giving people the chance to literally play football in a bubble.

Supa Zorb Soccer has started up as a fun game for children’s parties, stag dos, schools or any other group to try.

Players run around in mini matches wearing a lightweight plastic zorb covering them from just above their knees right up to between six to 12 inches above their head, with a harness inside to keep the bubble on.

This allows people to bounce off each other without getting hurt and provide a hilarious sight for spectators.

The venture has been started up by three members of Helston Athletic’s first team squad, Jamie Thomson, Chris Strike and Tom Russell.

Their decision to take it on as a business came after they had the chance to try it themselves.

Thomson explained: “Every season the team go away with each other for a weekend and earlier this year we went to Bristol.

“While we were there, we booked up a session of zorb soccer from a company based up there to do as activity.

“On the day a few of the guys were a bit like “shall we do it” as they were a bit worse for wear from the previous night, but after ten minutes everyone was loving it and wanted to do it again.

“After that, me, Chris and Tom sat down and thought about it and decided to bring it down to Cornwall as it was good fun and has a wow factor.”

Alongside normal matches, other games can also be played in the zorbs such as tag or capture the flag.

Health and safety advice is given to players before getting in the balls, although their design makes them safe to bounce around in.

“So far the only injuries I have seen are when someone has been kicked in the leg during a game which is part and parcel of football anyway,” he said.

“It is sometimes hard to explain it to people without showing them a video or photo, but when people have seen it or tried it they have loved it.

“It is not like normal football and you develop your own tactics playing it, so it is really good for team building.”

Among those who have already given it a go in Cornwall are the logistics department at RNAS Culdrose who spent last Wednesday afternoon in the zorbs.

Adam Gellatly, one of the Culdrose staff, said: “The zorb feels light to wear and at no point do you feel you are going to get hurt.

“If I had the chance to do it again I definitely would.”

For more information, either call 07794 525303, email or visit