The strong easterly wind provided all competitors with a real challenge at Mylor Yacht Club, thankfully there were no mishaps and everyone handled their yachts with great skill.

In the E Class Aura and 4Play started the race on opposite tacks with 4Play easing ahead of Aura, Aura hoisted her reaching spinnaker under St Just shore only to become trapped in the wind shadow of the Eastern shore. 4Play was able to get away but never managed to get far enough away to save her time on handicap In the U Class there was a fine tussle between the fully kitted out Contessa 26 Mary Boon and the Bilge keeled Splinter – a typical Mylor yacht set up for cruising. The bilge keeler at times appearing to go closer to the wind than the long keeled Mary Boon, which defies all convention. Splinter eventually winning on handicap.

In the Q Class sailors in Falmouthwill recognise a yacht with vivid fluorescent yellowy green sails, that will be Tilly of Mylor. Tilly went well in the brisk conditions but was unable to beat Mara.

In the H Class Cornish Shrimpers can sail in the strongest of winds and two of the Shrimpers racing were sailed single handed. Jenessa won the spirited race.

E Class:  1 AURA  Euan Beattie.   2 4PLAY John Kulpa.
U Class: 1  SPLINTER Peter Jones.  2 MARY BOON  John Cruise.  3 NIRVANA Mike Biglin.
Q Class:  1 MARA Martin Wilson. 2 TILLY OF MYLOR  Barry Edgington.  3 SAPPHIRE Shaun Sexton.
H Class:   1 JENESSA  Mark Lewis.  2 GRACE OF ST. JUST Sarah & John Fairbairn.  3.Henrietta Michael Wilson.