MORE than 20 boats waited near the committee boat at Royal Cornwall Yacht Club anchored close to the eastern shore, writes Harold Martin.

The IRC One beat westwards towards Sunbeam in a gentle breeze much lighter than the brisk wind of the afternoon.

A patriotic threesome of multihulls reached south-east under red, white and blue spinnakers, separating as the breeze freshened away from the shelter of Trefusis.

They arrived at Sunbeam in a close line with the leader only half a boat’s length in the lead.

With spinnakers hoisted for the run south, the seven in IRC Two beat towards the same windward mark.

Daring and Per Elisa led the group at the rear watching the two leaders, Black Dog and Too Insatiable, gain even further distance from them.

Pascos Jaguar chased the two in front but Per Elisa just held the lead while Daring was having trouble hoisting and powering up their reacher.

At Pendennis Point as the IRC Two group neared Carricknath, Temeraire and Macavity were neck and neck, but on dropping the spinnaker hoisting the genoa, the former got in front.

As the IRC One group turned the Maenporth buoy, Too Insatiable was ahead and going at maximum speed while the others chased vainly.



1st Per Elisa - R Tregear

2nd Daring - D & C Bloor

3rd Jackdaw - T Cook


1st Macavity - J Hicks

2nd Scorpion - G Davies

3rd Hero - C Wilson


1st Crackerjack - M Webb

2nd Flying Circus - D Healey

3rd Firefly - C Gladwell & J Parker


1st Pixy - L Hesling

2nd Milly - R Graffy

3rd Ivy - N de Glanville


1st Moonlighter - P Collins

2nd Coldfeet - N Woodley