MAJOR changes to Falmouth Golf Club have started to take shape with two new holes coming into use.

Recently players have been getting to grips with the new ninth and tenth holes introduced at the course in the first of several updates due over the next year.

Soon the holes will become the fourth and fifth as work commences to build a new green for the 18th which will drop from a 500-yard par five to a 430-yard par four.

Plans also include bringing in a new green for what will be the tenth hole, tee position for the 13th and a clubhouse to be constructed for the course.

The changes are being made following the decision of course owner David Hughes to build houses on part of the land.

Club professional Nick Rogers said: "With these plans meaning we would lose a couple of holes, eight and 11, we had to find a way of having two new holes ready for players to use when the closures happen.

"We have managed to do this with the new holes, although there is obviously much more change to come and it is very exciting for the club."

He went onto say there a plenty of logistical hurdles to consider when redesigning a golf course.

Rogers explained: "The biggest issue for any golf club design is making sure players get back to the clubhouse, so you have to find a way of getting the finishing point there.

"Obviously on top of this the stroke indexes have to be altered when new holes are introduced along with tee positions, so there is a lot to sort out."

The new ninth is a 230-yard par three while the tenth is an uphill par four measuring 335-yards.

Rogers said both pose interesting challenges for players and have already been receiving positive feedback.

"The holes look like they have been there for some time, so they have fitted in well," he said.

"All the members seem very, very happy with the holes and although we are in the early stages of the changes at the moment, the comments have been 99 per cent good.

"We are a bit restricted at Falmouth in terms of the size of the course and with how modern equipment is making shots go further, so what we have tried to do is make the holes challenging to get players thinking about their shots more.

"Our new holes have achieved this."