GOOD winds gave sailors at Flushing decent tools to work with in their latest race, writes Harold Martin.

The first beat was set for Sunbeam with Per Elisa leading Q Class, who turned the mark closely followed by Jalabeano and on hoisting their reachers in the stiff breeze they made good speed to pull clear of the 12 other boats.

Soon they were 100m clear of the third boat who was himself in front of Encore as they overtook Excelle and built their way to a second place finish, behind Per Elisa.

U class followed them on the first leg with Trifle, Amneris and Gap Year leading and Deep Purple up wind of them on the long run.

Deep Purple took the lead before turning to windward when they went over to the eastern shore, but Gap Year came to the western side where they found a better breeze to cross the line three minutes ahead.

Not all the crews in B Class flew their topsails on the first leg, but Rita benefitted from the lively airs and flat sea to claim first place by more than three minutes.

Among the Sunbeams, Wendy was clear of the two behind who kept very close and onboard Tantivy, they had to concentrate hard to keep ahead of Ivy who was less than a boat’s length behind.



1st Rita - J Peters

2nd Nellie May - R Carter

3rd Grace - D and P Tregaskes


1st Crackerjack - M Webb

2nd Cornish Meadow - S Hutt

3rd Ultraviolet - P Stephens


1st Per Elisa - R Tregear

2nd Encore - D Cunliffe

3rd Scorpion - G Davies


1st Gap Year - L Trenoweth

2nd Trifle - C Jelliss

3rd Amneris - M Robson/D Layton


1st Sweet Friday - L Cheshire

2nd Zephrus of Mylor - P Jenkins


1st Wendy - J Martin

2nd Tantivy - G Fox

3rd Ivy - N Glanville