Penryn 6, Pirates Amateurs 0

Preceded by a minute's silence in honour of Armistice Day, the opening kick-off went out of play, awarding a scrum to Pirates Amateurs. However, they could not capitalise on this, writes Adam Coates.

After a penalty against them, the scoring was opened by Penryn fly-half Mitchell Vague when he converted his kick for three points.

The Pirates committed another penalty deep in their territory which gave Mitchell Vague his second kick at goal. Unfortunately, he could not convert this time.

Penryn got the ball back, and advanced with a fine run leading to a yellow card for a Pirates flanker for dangerous play in a ruck.

With the Amateurs being a man down, Penryn started to turn up their offence making multiple attempts at the try line. To their credit, the visitors held firm, eventually winning a penalty scrum.

The score was to remain 3-0 in Penryn's favour through to the halfway point of the contest.

The second half was also a very defensive contest, with neither team creating much more than a couple of breaks. Fly-half Mitchell Vague was once again the danger man when he got a chance at goal.

This time he was successful, giving Penryn a 6-0 lead going into the final couple of minutes.

The Pirates gave it their all, with as many attempts at the try line as they could muster.

It was, however, not to be for them as they committed a penalty giving Penryn the ball with very little time left on the clock.

Penryn kicked the ball deep, then after a return by the Pirates the game was called to a close by the referee, keeping the undefeated season rolling for the Borough.

Penryn: 15) George Mitchell, 14) Josh Chambers, 13) Sam Hitchens, 12) Andrew Seviour, 11) James Salisbury, 10) Mitch Vague, 9) Nathan Strick, 1) Steven Patterson, 2) Ben Birkett, 3) Aaron Cockrell, 4) Ross Hancock, 5) Marcus Nelson, 6) Adam Hughes, 7) George Jones, 8) Grant Randlesome. Reps: Callum Degenhardt, AJ Stanfield, Joseph Campbell.

Scorers: Vague (2 pens).