In a new series called Minority Report, The Packet lifts the lid on some lesser known sports which you might like to try. This week George Fortey investigates indoor rock climbing

Do you fancy yourself as the next action man or woman? Do you want to conquer your fears? Or do you just want a fun and easy way to get fit?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Indoor Rock Climbing may be the sport for you.

Having now been included in the upcoming 2020 Olympic games, the sport of climbing is more popular than ever before.

The sport involves using a variety of hand and foot holds to traverse up the side of a wall with just your own strength and wits to get you to the top.

Climbing teaches you excellent teamwork and communication skills, as well as vastly improving your core strength.

Tony Windo, owner of Penryn based climbing centre Granite Planet, said: “Apart from swimming, climbing is one of the best sports for exercising all muscle groups.”

It may seem a daunting task at first to scale one of these walls, but once you have reached the top there is no better feeling of accomplishment.

Any ages and abilities are welcome to join in with the climbing craze as there are a great variety of walls and difficulties available.

“Our youngest member started when they were just 18 months old and our oldest is 87,” stated Mr Windo.

Safety always comes first with indoor climbing and all first-time climbers undergo introductory lessons and are constantly under supervision by qualified instructors.

Each climber is attached to a network of safety ropes at all times, with someone anchoring the rope from the ground.

Taster sessions are available from Granite Planet at £50 for a party of four with equipment available to rent on site.

Call Granite Planet Climbing Centre on 01326 376633 or email for more details.