TWO young table tennis players have their sights set on a place in the British paralympic team in the future.

Dylan Tynan, aged 13, and Joseph Crouse, aged 15, are part of the British Para Table Tennis pathway.

Dylan, from Flushing, said: "I was attracted to the sport because anyone can give it a go, no matter whether they're rich, poor or disabled."

He has a condition which causes his muscles to stiffen. It can happen from the first rally he has, particularly if he needs to stretch for a ball.

Joseph, from Perranwell Station, was born with club feet and from the age of six, his parents took him to a hospital in Manchester for treatment every week.

He now receives regular treatment in Bristol, in between almost nine hours of weekly practice.

He learned to play on his mum Zoe's dining room table and only took up the sport seriously a year ago.

"It's difficult for me to play football or rugby, whereas table tennis is good for people with disabilities."

He is in the "futures" squad, while Dylan, who is more advanced having played for six years, is in the "developmental" squad.

Shaun Marples, a coach from the BPTT, arrived at Falmouth's Dracaena Centre from Sheffield yesterday, to put the two Penryn College lads through their paces.

"Having identified their talent, our aim is to take them to the Paralympics, either in 2024 or 2028. I meet with them quite regularly - it's a tricky game because of the speed of the ball, movement, different types of spin and different opponents, so we need to keep working with them so they develop."

The boys are two in a long line of exceptional youngsters that have been coached by Dennis Williams, now in his 80s, of Falmouth Docks Table Tennis Club.

He added: "I'm delighted with the progress of the two lads. Coaching is my hobby. For years I've been going to Penryn College to teach them and then bringing them here if they really enjoy it.

"They need to listen, because there's so much involved such as how to hold your bat, stance, rotation and eye coordination, but if they listen, I'll help them."