A first year student at Penwith College produced an incredible victory after being called up to run for England for the first time.

Grace Brock knew she had a challenge at the Cross International De Italica race in Seville, Spain, where she was part of the national under-20 team. The other three runners had all previously represented England.

She said: “I was very excited when being asked to join the team, especially as it was for the under-20 team and I am still an under 17. I maintained the same programme in the lead-up to the race, as this has led to success in other cross country races this season.”

Grace’s training programme is obviously on point as she managed to secure a win in the last 600m.

“I did not expect to win,” she added.

“However, in the race I managed to stick with two of the other England athletes and in the last 600m I made my move and surged to the front and managed to maintain this to the finish line.

"The whole experience was amazing and the crowds helped to create an excellent atmosphere.”

Winning the race is not only a show of Grace’s athleticism and skill but an impressive demonstration of her ability to train effectively while also keeping on top of her college work, which Grace said she was able to do thanks to the “support from teachers".