A tough grading day for Helston Karate Club was held at Helston Community College on Sunday.

The usual two hours of training in the morning were led by Shihan Gilbert and Shihan Collick doing kihon and technique drills, with a focus towards the end on movement.

After lunch, the grading panel consisting of Shihan Gilbert, Shihan Collick and Sensei Thompson graded the kyu grades. Unfortunately, not all passed but congratulations to all who did.

Regardless of result, it was good to see all those who turned up and we hope to see more of you in the future.

Results: Promoted to 7th kyu yellow - Joby Johnson; Promoted to 7th kyu yellow - Jan Patryas; Promoted to 3rd kyu blue - Molly Wallace; Promoted to 2nd kyu brown - Diogo Camacho; Promoted to 2nd kyu brown - Charles Sweeney

Next on the calender will be an association charity open day on the April 14 at Helston Football Club.

This will include from 1pm a female self-defence session. Free for all who attend.

For further information on Sandokai Karate Association, visit our web site www.sandokai.co.uk or facebook Sandokai Karate Official.