The Godolphin League Snooker Masters tournament took place at the Godolphin Club on Saturday.

Phil Lorys played superbly all day to take the title, beating Simon Hosking 2-0 in the final.

A big thanks to R C Carpentry for sponsoring the event very generously, Chris Timmins for arranging the venue, Richard Gingell, Ryan Curnow and Mike Jenkin for refereeing the majority of frames and Dave Trembath for his donation towards the special trophy award to 90 year old Peter Chegwidden.

The highest break of the day was 57 by Simon Hosking, while Phil Lorys made the highest handicap break of 57.

The league also donated around £60 to Prostate Cancer UK through the sale of badges & raffle money. All results are below.


Phil Lorys 2-0 Simon Hosking

Semi Finals

Simon Hosking 2-1 Darren Jenkin

Phil Lorys 1-0 Adam Gill

Quarter Finals

Simon Hosking 2-1 Dean Rowntree

Darren Jenkin 2-1 Steven Butcher

Adam Gill 2-1 Chris Timmins

Phil Lorys 2-0 Tim Johnson

Last 16

(+7)Dean Rowntree 2-0 Graham Lee(+40)

(-15)Simon Hosking 2-0 Pete Chegwidden(+43)

(+23)Steve Butcher 2-1 Andy Lugg(+5)

(+3)Darren Jenkin 2-1 Ben Easterling(+28)

(-18)Chris Timmins 2-0 Mike Jacka(+42)

(+47)Adam Gill 2-1 Keith Hosking(+5)

(+33)Phil Lorys 1-0 Jeffrey Crouch(+33)

(+8)Tim Johnson 2-1 Clarence Richards(+28)


Simon Hosking 57,52,37

Chris Timmins 39,30

Andy Lugg 32