The Proclaimers are best known for being two singing Scottish twins who once famously told of their readiness to travel 500 miles.

But another Scotsman travelled that very distance - albeit not on foot, as the song goes - from his home in Glasgow to Falmouth Town’s Bickland Park ground in order to watch their match against Stoke Gabriel on Saturday.

Ross Lee, 25, from Paisley, had intended to visit his friend Jordan, 27, who is studying for a PhD at Falmouth University, but after discovering the Ambers’ ground the pair quickly altered their plans.

Ross said: “Whenever you go to the grounds like Bayern Munich and Man United, it’s mainly tourists there, it’s not really authentic. Whereas you come to these grounds and there’s a wee bit more character and a wee bit more charm, so I decided to come down for the day.”

Falmouth Packet:

Ross (above) with the scarves he has collected from the different clubs he has visited on his travels.

The boys went along to the game, which Town won 5-1 to secure a third-place finish in this season’s South West Peninsula League Premier Division, their highest finish in six years.

Ross ticked off Bickland Park as the 161st different ground he has visited, and he was happy that the game merited his lengthy journey.

He said: “Yeah it was good, I mean 5-1 is a good result isn’t it? The way some were talking about it was that it kind of went either way but it was pretty one-sided.

“It’s not a bad standard either, some were saying that it was a low level but I thought the guys put a good effort in!”

A town planner by day, Ross is a season-ticket holder at Glasgow Rangers, but the club’s demotion to the Scottish Third Division in 2012 following financial difficulties left a football-shaped hole in his heart.

He said: “I used to go all of the European games and travel abroad, and we obviously lost that so I had to fill a wee void, so the money I’d used to go to those games I just put into going to other matches."

Ross started filling his obsession by visiting the likes of European giants Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but once the novelty of the giant all-seater stadium wore off, he turned to more obscure venues to satisfy his football craving.

“I started looking for grounds that were a wee bit more obscure, more unusual, maybe stadiums that don’t get huge crowds and where they’re a wee bit more friendly. Today [at Falmouth], everyone’s been really hospitable.

Falmouth Packet:

Ross (above) on his visit to Borussia Dortmund's famous Westfalenstadion.

While he is of course a huge football fan, Ross’s trips are about seeing new cities and new cultures. His travels have taken him across Europe, including Latvia, Slovakia and Sweden, while he has plans to add Greece to his list later this year.

“Going to the game is the nucleus but the idea is to see places, you know, like actually travel about and see some new places so it’s a good way to travel. I watch the match but spend three or four days in the city at the same time and see somewhere new.”

His longest journey, not in distance but in hours, was back in 2006 when he braved a mammoth journey to Spain for Rangers’ Champions League tie against Villarreal.

He said: “We got a bus to Villarreal in Spain and it was two days, it was an absolute nightmare, honestly it was so bad.

“We got the bus and everyone was drinking and all that on it, and when we got on the toilet broke and it was just an absolute nightmare, and we were basically on it for about a day and a half!”

Unfortunately for Ross, Rangers drew 1-1 at the Spanish club and the Gers were eliminated on the away goals rule.

Somehow that experience didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for the game, although walking the 500 miles to Bickland Park might be pushing it a little bit.