The final race of the season’s most interesting Penrose Sailmakers series took place on Friday evening in which four Cornish Shrimpers and Zoe took part.

Although a light north easterly wind had been forecast, in reality the fleet was met with a light southerly wind which, when coupled with the remaining hour and a half of the flood tide, made life difficult in laying the weather mark at Penarrow.

As the race progressed, the wind became lighter and lighter and the race was shortened to finish at the gate on the first lap.  The race was won by Sterren Vor (Miles Pinchin), Zoe (Julian Wolfram) was second and Grace of St.Just (Sarah Fairbairn) was third.

Taking an overall view of the series, the one virtually constant factor was that high pressure was in charge creating very light winds and giving rise to a number of retirements principally due to  time limit constraints.

There was only one series race where the wind held at speeds in excess of ten knots or above throughout. Sterren Vor (Miles Pinchin) won the series, Dawn of Polruan (Steve Przybylski) was second and Grace of St.Just (Sarah and James Fairbairn) was third, all of whom gave an excellent account of themselves in the trying and very light conditions.

Some interesting techniques were used in Q class with Topsy (Tony O’Hanlon) fouled the Pin end mark and started to sail off with it before extricating himself and sailing on.

Challonnaise (Stephen Pendray) led from the first mark with Rococo (Clive Hoyle) second with both locked together around the Course.

Challonnaise was first over line and on handicap.

Tinuivel (Andy and Sarah Hayes) were caught by the dying wind and finished third by drifting across the line sideways carried by the tide.

Challonaise won the series, with Rococo second and Topsy third.

In E Class, Nightowler (Mike Lithgow) came first with Growling Cougar second.

For the series Nightowler managed to beat her nearest rival The Cool Kids (Tim Rowley), and in so doing won the series. Adelie (Chris and Jayne Horne) came third in the series.

Lez Beez Neez (Alan Street) made the best of the light conditions to come first in W Class with Wizard (Tony Hardman) second and Mary Boon (John Cruise) in third.

Lez Beez Neez won the series with Wizard second and Tomaray (Jon Myers) third.