Rosudgeon 214-8 (20pts) beat Gorran 79 (5pts) by 135 runs

Rosudgeon continued their fine start to the County Division 1 season with a 135-run win at Gorran on Saturday.

The visitors capitalised on Gorran’s shocking start to their batting innings which at one stage read 2-3.

Gorran won the toss and put Rosudgeon in to bat, with Liam Harvey (7) this first to fall as the visitors reached 39-1.

Opener Matthew Ellis continued and reached 29 runs before he was caught by Robin Kendall, with James Williamson adding four to a score which now read 66-3.

Aaron Paul contributed 35 before Mark Waters came in and saw out the rest of the innings as he top-scored with 71 not out off 89 balls.

Matthew Jacka (2) and Matthew Skewes (7) fell fairly quickly but Ben Ellis added a respectable 24 off 29 balls to take the visitors to 184-7.

Charles Harrison added nine and Max Walden added four as Rosudgeon reached 214 at the end of the innings.

Gorran suffered a disastrous start as they lost the trio of Kendall (0), Rhys Daniel (1) and Jamie Tabb for just two total runs off 22 balls.

Rory Dixon scored a much-needed 41, but Paul bowled out Andrew Grant, Ryan Clark and Michael Sweet to record 4-9.

Jacka then matched Paul’s wicket-haul after taking out James Tomlinson (4), Harry Blamey (0) and Matthew Liddicoat (4), claiming 4-21 as Gorran were bowled out after just 21.5 overs.

Fall of wickets (Rosudgeon): 39-1 L Harvey (M Ellis-24*); 54-2 M Ellis (A Paul-8*); 66-3 J Williamson (A Paul-15*); 90-4 A Paul (M Waters-4*); 94-5 M Jacka (M Waters-6*); 106-6 M Skewes (M Waters-10*); 184-7 B Ellis (M Waters-57*); 198-8 C Harrison (M Waters-62*)

Fall of wickets (Gorran): 0-1 R Kendall (R Daniel-0*); 2-2 R Daniel (J Tabb-0*); 2-3 J Tabb (R Dixon-0*); 21-4 A Grant (R Dixon-14*); 67-5 R Clark (R Dixon-41*); 71-6 R Dixon (M Sweet-4*); 75-7 J Tomlinson (M Sweet-4*); 75-8 H Blamey (M Sweet-4*); 75-9 M Sweet (M Liddicoat-0*); 79-10 M Liddicoat (L Grant-0*).